Privacy Policy

Secure Transactions
The Company has taken all necessary technical means to safeguard payment information.
All payments made using a credit or debit card are processed through Eurobank

PayPal payment is done in a secure environment and under the strict terms of the PayPal business transaction, which ensures the confidentiality and confidentiality of your information. Our business does not handle your information, we are simply informed that the payment has been successfully completed so the user returns to our site and completes the order. 

User-Member Data Security
The Company further observes all security rules for secure access by each User to the registered-member account that he may have created.
However, by creating the account, the User promises that he / she will also take all appropriate security measures to keep his / her account confidential.The Company declares that it is not responsible for any damage or damage caused by non-compliance with the appropriate security rules by the User and for that reason the User must then complete the communication through his account at a safe exit. account (disconnect) and safeguard the non-disclosure of his / her personal details to any third party.

In the event of loss or any of the above any way of disclosing the secret password to a third party, the User must immediately notify our Company at 2392306965 or 6981001162 by email